About the Artist

Born in Colombia, where she studied fine arts, and who specializes in acrylic painting and making sculptures. Her paintings have a distinct style, which can be described as playful and child-like. Her art is simple and easily approachable.

Garcia‚Äôs paintings portray joy, peace and happiness, childhood memories from her colorful Latino neighborhood, the colourful facets of her life are mirrored unambiguously in all her pieces of art. 

Colorful cats, magic characters are the most important subject in the Vanessa's paintings, her art is bright and exciting, filled with fun images, and focuses on memories from her childhood.

Best Community Professor - Western Ontario University.

Western University Community Services in collaboration with RBC. 2012


Queen Elizabeth II - Jubilee Medal Recipient. 2013

By command of Her Majesty The Queen, the Diamond Jubilee Medal is presented to Vanessa Garcia in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of Her Majesty's Accession to the throne and in recognition of the contributions to Canada. Art therapy for kids.